We all do risk assessments or safety checks everyday, for example, when we cross the road. We find somewhere to cross, look both ways and make a decision on if it’s safe to cross.

Risk assessments starts in the early stages of activity planning and goes on throughout the activity, until all participants go home at the end. There are five simple steps to follow:

  1. Look for the hazards
  2. Who might be harmed and how?
  3. How are the risks controlled?
  4. Record and communicate
  5. Review and revise plans where needed

For further, more detailed information please click here to be taken to the scout website. You will find a wealth of information, sample risk assessments, a check list for leaders and much more….

We have asked leaders to share their risk assessments so that these might be used as a starting block to assist leaders that are unsure or tackling their first assessment. Please click on the links below to give you a starting point in the level of detail needed. Obviously you will still need to dynamically risk assess as you run activities/camps and any additional risks should be captured for future use. This then makes it a living document, relevant to your section and equipment used.

Camp Fire – Risk Assessment

Outdoor Cooking – Risk Assessment

Fire Lighting – Risk Assessment

Knife Work (Outdoor) – Risk Assessment

Knife, Axe and Saw – Risk Assessment

Outdoor Camp- Risk Assessment

Walking (Under instruction) – Risk Assessment

Wide Game – Risk Assessment